Kiku Sharda on Being Harassed By Fans When Cross-dressed Into a Woman

It is a somewhat regular sight to see male entertainers dressing in drag into female characters on an Indian TV screen, right? Any semblance of different satire unscripted TV dramas have made vocations and long-forcing innings to leave the equivalent and that without a doubt keeps on being the case even today. One of the most unmistakable names in that rundown has been entertainer Kiku Sharda, who has been doing this for a stunning 7 years at this point. The main individual separated from Sumona Chakravarti who has been a steady with Kapil Sharma’s group throughout the long term, Sharda keeps on being cherished and worshiped for his dressing in drag shenanigans even at this point.

Nonetheless, little would one be able to envision that dressing in drag into a lady can really bring about a fix where you can get hassled as well.

In a meeting with NavBharat Times, Sharda opened up on a case where he must be additional wary while playing Palak.

Sharda shares that with the group performing at different objections, significant concerns emerge when the show reaches a conclusion and the crowds rush to welcome him and get pictures clicked with him. The entertainer’s character Palak has been the crowd most loved for its superb comic planning. The entertainer sharing further additionally referenced that the issue particularly happens when the crowd generally hauls him to get clicked with him when he is in his Palak symbol, consequently then the chief and bouncers come into the image to shield them and assist them with evading the group. In this way, leaving the entertainer somewhat stressed on a few events. Sharing one such episode, he referenced dreading the group in a modest community and he and the group fled from the coordinator’s visitor house in their onscreen outfits without getting whenever to change. Not halting he likewise shared a clever occurrence that left him in a difficult situation.

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