Mahira Sharma says she missed out on instant popularity after Bigg Boss, Reveals Bigg Boss 14 feels like a vacation

Bigg Boss 13 has been one of the finest seasons in the history of Bigg Boss and it has managed to create quite a buzz. However, while the show was on, a pandemic hit the world and so, Mahira Sharma feels she missed out on the stardom that the show brings.

While talking about the show to The Times of India, the actress revealed how though coming out of the house and meeting her family is her best memory of 2020, she felt bad about the pandemic coming in at a time she was inside the house and thereby, not getting the kind of fandom others have post the show. She added how she went into lockdown right after the show, however, she is hopeful about recovering that loss in 2021.

About the current season, she feels that it is not as interesting as their own and she only watched two episodes. She also went on to reveal how she finds it weird how people have come out of the house, checked social media, understood the game, and get back inside the house with a strategy. Recalling her season, she said she never saw anyone apart from the housemates during her season, and that this season feels like a vacation to her.