Major rift between Shiva-Raavi and Dev-Rishita in ‘Pandya Store’

Star Plus show ‘Pandya Store’ is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around Dev befriending Janardhan and entering house to get the loan agreement papers.

In the upcoming episodes, Dhara, Dev and Krish end up at Janardhan’s room to take the loan papers. They get the same and they get happy, Rishita catches them red-handed and gets shocked to know that Dev was just pretending to be with her. Janardhan and Kamini also enter. Janardhan gets shocked to learn that Dev is still with the Pandya family and is against him.

Kamini calls the police and states that she will get all of them arrested. Pandya family try to run but in vain. Gautam uses the pipeline to climb up to the room to rescue the family. Gautam and others try to snatch the loan papers. Gautam sees a picture of Janardhan with his ex-flame.

Gautam blackmails him and asks Janardhan to let them go. Police enters and Kamini asks them to arrest the family members. Janardhan supports the Pandya family and asks the police to leave as it’s a family matter. Dev quickly make new papers and make Janardhan sign the same. Pandya family get elated as they’re finally out of the mess.

Furthermore, Raavi accuses Shiva of betraying her which leaves him fuming in rage. Rishita states that she won’t celebrate the new years with Dev.