Manul Chudasama talks about learning sword fighting for her role in Sony SAB’s Alibaba

Sony SAB’s Alibaba – Ek Andaaz Andekha: Chapter 2 is a family entertainer that follows Ali – The Rakhwala (Abhishek Nigam) on his many adventures. The show is loved by the audiences and is a fan favourite owing to its captivating characters and gripping storyline. After saving Marjeena (Manul Chudasama) from a dangerous beast, Ali and Marjeena set out to his homeland, Parwaaz. On their way, they come across a marriage that is not what it looks like.

This week on Alibaba – Ek Andaaz Andekha, after interrupting a marriage and putting the groom’s life in danger, Ali and Marjeena hatch a plan to rescue the groom from the Headless Woman. They decide to have a ‘fake marriage’ in order to lure the Headless Woman out. However, Ali and Marjeena soon realise that they are in deeper water than expected. As the Headless Woman drags Ali away from the altar, will Marjeena finally pick up her sword and go to battle?

Will Marjeena finally embrace her warrior self?

Portraying the character of Marjeena, Manul Chudasama said, “When Ali is taken away by the Headless Woman, Marjeena will finally go to battle in order save him. This is an exciting time for me since it’s the first time I’ll be doing an action sequence and yielding a sword. I’ve never had the chance to engage in a fight or go to someone’s rescue. Marjeena stepping up and choosing to fight for Ali is an empowering moment for me as it showcases her inner strength and courage. Learning sword-fighting was a fun experience for me and I really hope the viewers enjoy watching Marjeena in this new warrior element.”