Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali fame Shivangi Khedkar aka Pallavi talks about the scenes that affected her in real-life

Star Plus show ‘Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali’ has made a special place in the hearts of the audience. The viewers are totally crushing on Pallavi and Raghav’s chemistry. The current track of the show has the viewers glued to their television screens.

India Forums got in touch with actress Shivangi Khedkar aka Pallavi and asked her about the scenes in which she got carried away or the scenes that are really close to her heart. She quipped, “Well, there were a lot of scenes where I kind off got emotional. In daily soaps, the females have a lot to portray, be it with the emotions or exploring her relationships with other family members and loved ones. When I read certain scenes, it takes me to another world. It’s like a trance when I’m reading the screenplays. I remember a scene between Pallavi and Sulochana wherein she tells her that a woman doesn’t become less righteous or sanskari, if she speaks for herself and takes a stand for herself. It was like expressing and representing the females as Pallavi speaks about society always judging a girl when she stands up for herself and discriminates between right and wrong. That scene, I felt like a girl talking inside me and I wanted to express the same”.

She added, “Another scene that got me really affected was a scene between Pallavi and Aai (Sharda). Aai enters Pallavi’s room and Pallavi tells her about the problems in her life. Pallavi lays her head on Aai’s lap and expresses the issues and cries. In that scene, I legit cried, I don’t know what exactly got to me. May be because I was away from my mother for a long time. So, yes that scene also I can recall vividly”.

She further added, “The scene where Pallavi is thrown out of house has been one of the very difficult scenes. I got a lot of appreciation for the same. Pallavi gets framed and she tries to prove her innocence. She asks the family to trust her and not pay heed on the proves that are against her. It was quite an emotionally draining scene as I was supposed to emote the same emotion in different variation, which is a tedious task but with the help of my Director Shahnawaz and the DOP, I managed to pull it off pretty well. I’m glad that the viewers have liked that scene”.