Mere Dad Ki Dulhan to wrap up on November 19

Simple Dad Ki Dulhan has figured out how to do very well with the fans and keeping in mind that it has brought a one of its sort story to the screens, the show will wrap up on November 19. Anjali Tatrari, who assumes the part of Niya in the show, proceeded to uncover how she is making a decent attempt not to separate and that it will be strange on the most recent day. She additionally added how however they are ready for it and realize that it will occur, it seems like one isn’t readied, still.

In the interim, the show was constantly expected to be a limited arrangement since the start, and when the report about the show initially going behind closed doors came out, Shweta proceeded to uncover how she is happy that the show was adored to such an extent. She additionally proceeded to add how actually, the best part about working with limited arrangement is that one knows the curve of the story and can likewise chip away at the character, with no curve balls.

Supplanting the show will be Story 9 months ki, and it is another fascinating show, which will portray the romantic tale of the urbane Alia and desi Sarang, bound together by the surprising marvel of IVF.