Naamkaran SHOCKING TWIST: Neil & Avni To Get Married!

In Star Plus’ mainstream indicate Naamkaran, Riya and Neil (Zain Imam) are good to go to get hitched. Their wedding arrangements are going in going all out. In the interim, Avni needs to break their relationship at any cost. Then again, Riya feels that Avni is a danger to their relationship.

The creators have reserved in famous on-screen character Ragini Shah to venture into veteran performing artist Reema Lagoo’s sudden death as the new Dayavanti Mehta. The performer has started shooting and her entrance is relied upon to happen soon.

Avni Brainwashes Riya

Avni is sagaciously playing her diversion against Daya. In the up and coming scenes, Avni will prompt Riya to break the partnership. She will ask her live all alone terms and not to relinquish for Daya.

Riya Takes A Drastic Step

Riya will get impacted by Avni and will make an exceptional stride. She will gather her packs and escape the Mehta house upon the arrival of her wedding.

Dayavanti Learns The Truth

Dayavanti will become acquainted with that Riya has fled from the house. She will cleverly request that Avni have her spot.

Avni Becomes The Bride

Avni will be compelled to have Riya’s spot to safeguard the repsect of the Mehta family. She will prepare as a lady of the hour.

Avni and Neil

Neil is totally unconscious of this reality. Dayavanti will convey Avni to the mantap with her face secured by the shroud.

The Rituals Begin

Their wedding ceremonies will start. On the off chance that reports are to be trusted, Neela wil know about the lady of the hour swap. Will Neil become more acquainted with reality? Stay tuned to know…

In The Last Episode…

Riya’s Mehendi function starts. Neil and his family touch base for the function. Shweta, who detests Avni blends a synthetic in Avni’s mehendi. Her arrangement ends up being a debacle, as the mehendi gets traded and Riya utilizes it rather than Avni.

Riya’s hand consumes all the while. She reprimands Avni for the same and slaps her hard! Neil bolsters Avni and requests that her apologize to Avni, however she can’t. In the midst of this, Dayavanti arrives.

Dayavanti needs Neil and Riya’s wedding to happen easily with no bother. Afterward, Avni meets Ali and reveals to him that, it is difficult to break Riya and Neil’s relationship, as Dayavanti has returned.

She discloses to him that if Riya herself cancels their relaionship, then their arrangement will be a win. Afterward, Ali meets Riya and demands her to cancel the cooperation by telling that Neil will abandon her for Avni one day. However, she needs to wed Neil according to Dayavanti’s desire.