‘Paramavtar Shri Krishna’ To Mark the Debut of Businessman-Turned-Actor Saurabh Makhija

What’s more, TV’s Paramavtar Shri Krishna is altogether said to have another passage soon where the much-anticipated track of Pandav and Kaurav track will push ahead with full pace.

The watchers would know how the show has just presented the numerous Pandavas and is currently all set to observe the arrangement of Kauravas as well. As per reports, agent turned-entertainer Saurabh Makhija is good to go to make a big appearance on the little screen where he will assume the job of Kaurav sibling, Vikarna.

Saurabh is a representative who has transformed into acting and was as of late found in the short film A Tale of an Onion Witch made by Pocket Films. He got rave surveys for his exhibition post which he has stowed his first TV appear.

It is being said that separated from Duryodhan and Dushasan, this character will have a significant task to carry out. Likewise joining the show are on-screen characters, Azahar Khan and Romit Baweja, who will likewise play Kaurav siblings.