Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil NEW PROMO: Naina Accuses Veer Of Molesting Her; Will Raghav Believe Her?

In Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil, Naina (Drashti Dhami) Naina catches Balraj discussing some lawful papers and thinks about whether its identified with her sibling Rajeev. The papers are kept in the dicky of the auto. Naina starts to check the papers. Lamentably, she falls inside and the entryway close. Raghav drives a similar auto to bring frozen yogurt unconscious of the way that Naina is caught in the dicky. At some point later, Raghav spots Naina in the dicky

Sanjana’s Mehendi Ceremony In the up and coming scenes, Sanjana’s mehendi function will happen. Amid the mehendi service, Dadi will demand Naina to apply mehendi alongside the lady of the hour. Naina and Raghav Later, Dadi will request that Naina apply tika on Raghav’s temple. Naina will be not able, as she would have connected mehendi staring her in the face. Dadi will request that Naina apply tika, without utilizing her hands. Viewers will witness a sentimental scene between the couple, wherein Naina will grasp Raghav,to apply tika with her sindoor. Veer To Molest Naina The new promo of the show is out. According to the new promo, Veer will attempt ot attack Naina to look for requital.

The couple are gotten together in the room and Naina will blame Veer for attacking her. The Mehras Are Shocked The Mehras are stunned. Sanjana charges Naina and calls her characterless, however Naina will go up against Raghav and requests that he trust her. Will Raghav Believe Naina? Naina will get a stun of her life when Raghav remains mum and doesnot say anything. Raghav’s quiet damages Naina. She will assume that Raghav does not put stock in her. Asha and Naina Soon, Asha will become acquainted with about the episode and she will take Naina back to her home. Naina will be seriously stung. Raghav’s Plan To Expose Veer according to the most recent spoiler, Raghav trusts Naina, however he needs to assemble verifications to demonstrate Naina pure.

Henceforth, he will devise an arrangement alongside his companion and will be fruitful in demonstrating that Naina is dead in a mischance. Veer will be glad. Raghav Traps Veer according to the most recent spoiler, Veer will smolder every one of the evidences, to spare himself, which will be seen by Raghav. It will be uncovered that Veer is to blame and not Naina. Raghav will undermine to uncover reality to the Mehras, yet Sanjana would stop him, refering to her fake pregnancy as the reason. In The Last Episode… Raghav cuffs Naina’s hands and requests that her not leave, until he returns in the wake of getting frozen yogurt. Naina is angry with Raghav for tying her hands and tries to escape the auto and she is effective in her endeavor. Raghav stresses after he sees Naina missing in the auto.

He spots her, shuddering exposed to the harsh elements. He offers her some liquor to dispose of the frosty and Naina expends it. Before long, she is on a high and starts jabbering. Raghav tries to control her, yet she will be in no state of mind to hear him out. She wraps up the entire jug. Raghav would choose to take her to a lodging room, as Dadi will be not able see Naina in such a state. The following day, Naina awakens from rest and points the finger at Raghav for her condition. She beats him and points the finger at him for making her drink. An incensed Raghav then demonstrates her the video, wherein she is moving and gabbing in an intoxicated state. She gets embarrased.