Parth Samthaan finally opens up on why he left ‘Kasautii Zinadagii Kay 2’ abruptly

To be leaving a show just during its peak followed by being surrounded by a bowl of controversies is not something any actor would actually opt for voluntarily and would be the boldest step possible. But that is what actor Parth Samthaan indeed did as one would remember how Samthaan quit the show, Kasautii Zinadagii Kay 2 back then. A lot of stories came along with it which said about how he had creative differences with the show or remuneration issues among other things. However, none of that was officially confirmed and it was only coincidental that post these set of rumors, the show itself went off-air in no time.

But now, after all this while, Samthaan finally opened up on why he left the show suddenly in an interview with Abhishek Khan for Kuch Meethe Pal.

He said that he had decided to commit two years of his life to this serial and he wouldn’t have taken any work that came his way.

He further said that when he was about to complete two years, he reached a saturation point where he couldn’t go ahead and play the role of Anurag. He said that he is not that type of an actor who can play a role for a good four-five years even if the serial is number one and he is flooded with a lot of praise for his performance; at one point he needs to cut off. He added how as an actor he likes to explore and try different roles and what’s the use if one is stuck only with one character and there are no variations.

In the end, he said that he was happy with the character but then it became monotonous and that is what happens to most of the actors, though he learnt a lot while shooting for the show.

The fans of the show and the actor finally have an answer now and Samthaan is coming back on0screen soon with Alt Balaji’s next.