Promo of Abhishek Nigam’s SAB TV show Hero Gayab Mode On out now

SAB TV gave a brief look at their impending show ‘Legend: Gayab Mode On’ prior and as of late, the channel has uncovered the promotion of the equivalent. Abhishek Nigam will assume the lead function in the show and he had the equivalent on his online media.

The show rotates around a hero who battles the malevolent outsider powers focusing on the planet. With imperceptibility as his superpower, he sets out to do the inconceivable. The show looks to be an expansion to the dream type joining Baalveer and Aladdin.

Abhishek Nigam is additionally learning trapeze artistry for the show. Addressing a site as of late, he stated, “I am preparing in trapeze artistry and aerobatic on the grounds that for the job I need to do loads of tricks.”

At first, the media had detailed that Randeep Rai was in converses with assume the job and was considered as a substitution to Abhishek.