Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan: Damini gets a new partner in crime against Radha

Zee TV show ‘Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan’ has kept the fans glued to TV screens. The show’s current track revolves around Radha lodging a complaint against Damini and putting her behind the bars. However, Kadambari and Mohan will be hell bent on getting Damini out of the jail.

In the upcoming episodes, Radha stands firm on her decision to not let Damini out of the jail. Kadambari threatens her to throw her out of the house but Radha still states that she will not take her complaint back. Mohan beats himself with a belt to pressurize her and take the complaint back. Since Radha couldn’t see Mohan beating himself, she’s compelled to bail out Damini.

Now, India Forums has learned an interesting update from the show. Sources tell us that soon Damini will be out of the jail and will try to plot against Radha. In her mission, she gets a new partner in crime. No points for guessing, Mamaji joins her against Radha in order to teach her a lesson for his humiliation.

During Holi, Mamaji tried to inappropriately touch Radha, but she made sure to not stay silent and teach him a lesson. Agitated with her behavior, Mamaji will now vow to give Radha the taste of her medicine by siding with Damini in her ploys against Radha.

Will Radha, Gungun, Tulsi and Mohan be able to understand Damini and Mamaji’s plans? Only time will tell.

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