Raavi kisses Shiva in her dream; family gets the big order in ‘Pandya Store’

Star Plus show ‘Pandya Store’ is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around Raavi trying her best to win over Shiva while the family tries to crack order for the temple’s feast.

In the upcoming episode, Rishita and Raavi inform the family that they’ve got the temple feast order. The family gets elated and dance in joy. Dhara tells them that they need to work towards finishing the order on time. Rishita acts pricey but Suman and Raavi ask her to help in completing the order. Prafulla sees all of this and plots against the family.

Raavi admires Shiva while he is asleep and plants a kiss on his cheeks. He gets up and the duo share a romantic moment. The scene turns out to be a dream sequence. Raavi wishes to transform the dream into reality soon. Krish enters her room and finds the book that she bought to woo Shiva. He teases Raavi and takes the book and runs away. Raavi asks him to return the book. Rishita sees the book and teases Raavi.

Shiva arrives there and tries to snatch the book. The book gets torn while Raavi and Shiva fall and get close to each other. Shiva sees the cover of the book and throws it in the dustbin. Furthermore, Prafulla calls Kamini and tells her that she has a big plan against Pandya family which might separate them. Kamini and Prafula smirk.