Rakhi agrees to help Anupama but asks the Shah House in return

Star Plus show Anupamaa is keeping its audience glued to the show with lots of twists and turns and it looks like there’s a huge twist coming ahead as well. In the upcoming episode, we will see Anupamaa in great trouble but it does not seem to end right there. Samar goes on to inform Anupama about the fraudsters tricking them of Rs 20 lakh, which she signed as the bank loan amount. As a result, the loan amount doubles due to her negligence, thereby leaving the Shah family in distress.

The whole family is against Anupama and as seen, in the upcoming episode, Anupamaa pleads to Rakhi for help and she has finally got a situation to take advantage of Anupama, and hence, she once again offered help to the Shahs. However, this is not the end as she has more/

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In what seems to be an absolute shock, Rakhi will ask Anupamaa to give her the Shah house. She will tell her to give her the Shah house in her name.

Will Anupamaa accept Rakhi’s condition? How will she solve this problem? Keep reading this space for further updates.