Rashami’s Mother & Brother Warned Her To Forget Arhaan Khan

The previous evening saw one of the most touchy scenes in Bigg Boss 13 history where Salman Khan was at the very least and totally hammered a few housemates, particularly Arhaan Khan.

The promotions and the scene uncovered how Khan uncovered Arhaan Khan’s past about him being hitched before and in any event, having a kid, which Desai was clearly altogether unmindful about. This, obviously annoyed Desai as well as broke her totally. Netizens and every other person have been censuring Arhaan’s mentality about this however there are two individuals who evidently cautioned her much before this frenzy.

As indicated by a report in SpotBoyE, Desai’s mom and sibling, Gaurav was perpetually discontent with Desai’s closeness with Arhaan and were not in support of him. They had advised her to avoid him. Both the mother and the sibling realized that Arhaan is a dear companion of Desai however even before they had advised her to not engage with Arhaan impractically.

Curiously, the disclosure of Arhaan’s marriage and having a youngster appeared to be a huge stun to Desai’s mom and sibling both as they didn’t expect that Desai was dating a wedded man, who is likewise a dad and not separated at this point.

It would be all the additionally fascinating to perceive what happens when Desai leaves the house and meets her family.