Review: ‘Udariyaan’ is fresh, real & authentic which makes it a great watch

Fresh concepts – the small screen faces a dearth of it and it continues to be the case even right now where only a few have managed to not just exhibit freshness but even transpired into numbers. Colors’ latest presentation, Udariyaan is an addition to it and in the first couple of episodes, it certainly shows novelty and authenticity.

One might think that the backdrop of Punjab in TV shows is overused where Bani – Ishq Da Kalma, ongoing shows Choti Sardarni and Teri Meri Ek Jindri also have the same backdrop. But with that, Udariyaan takes an entirely new take to things and managed to be real, relatable and even hilarious.

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The pure lust of going to a foreign country like Canada is shown with the perfect blend of dark humor and reality where these inhabitants in Punjab seem to think that is the ultimate parameter of a ‘good life.’ Scenes like a man going Canada and how the entire neighborhood has come to drop him at airport and celebrating it like a wedding to a family still being orthodox to think that they control their children’s happiness- – it is beautifully done.

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A slight dip happens when the male lead’s angle is introduced to no fault of Ankit Gupta’s own. The love triangle between the leads Isha Malviya (Jasmin), Priyanka Chaudhary (Tejo) and Gupta is the actual storyline and that is where the daily soap’s true test lies.

Another thing I absolutely loved about Udariyaan is roping in relatively unknown supporting cast members as well. The entire cast seems authentic to the backdrop and language and one might have barely seen any of them in any other shows.

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The real highlight of the show is the brilliant performances by both female leads – Malviya and Chaudhary. Playing contrasting personalities, they excel in their respective roles where Jasmin is perfectly done as a chirpy, dreamy yet innocent girl and Tejo is a subtle, ambitious and sorted girl.

Actors Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta have chosen a fantastic show to turn producers and Mehta’s success in the Punjabi industry propels her beautiful narration which she does in the first episode.

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Udariyaan has begun amazingly but a daily soap’s test lies in longevity and we will have to see how things continue ahead.