Rutuja Sawant on Choti Sarrdaarni: I like to do challenging characters and Devika is different

Actress Rutuja Sawant made her debut in the Television industry with the show Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali where her performance as Mansi did receive a lot of recognition. The actress is currently playing the character of Devika in the show Choti Sarrdaarni.

Sharing about her character, Rutuja told India Forums,

“I am playing the character of Devika who is a girl from a Royal family, She is participating in the swayamvar, which has been arranged for Param and Karan. She has her eyes on Param, and she is leaving a stone unturned to attract Param towards her. So that’s much about it for now.”

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On what prompted her to take up the role, she tells us,

I like to do challenging characters and yes, Devika is a character which is very different from the former character which I played on screen. It’s just my second show so I am slowly and steadily learning things around, so yes I’m happy about taking up the character.

Lastly, sharing the experience of shooting with the team, she says,

“The show has an amazing set of people working around. All the costars, directors and even the crew are amazing. The director (Jaladh K Sharma) is an amazing person, he keeps the atmosphere on set every positive and stress free and gives the actor the full space.”

Well, the show continues to grab attention from time to time for its tracks, entries, and Rutuja’s track is just one of the many similar instances.