Sab Satrangi’s Mohit Kumar calls upcoming wedding sequence ‘the wedding of the year’

With each passing minute, it gets a little more exciting as the Maurya family gears up to celebrate the grand wedding of their beloved Mankameshwar a.k.a Manu (Mohit Kumar). He is our quintessential sweet boy who is not only a true gentleman, but one can say he is too kind for this world. The people in this country love a big fat Indian wedding and it’s much more fun when it is based out of Lucknow, the city which radiates heritage and royalty. On such a magnificent occasion, our very own Maurya family invites everyone to set sail with them on their journey and bless the holy union of Manu and Shweta.

Well, everything is business as usual. Our Papa ji (Dayashankar Pandey) is busy wowing the audience with his magic tricks, while Divakar jeeja ji and Deepu bhaiya (Puru Chibber) are busy picking after each. Surprisingly, Manu, instead of enjoying being the ‘dulha’ is working half-day at the shop and even busy helping everyone with the some wedding chores. He dons the hat of several roles, be it the last minute bawarchi or the quick-fix decorator, he is there to help everyone look and feel their best at his wedding. Daadi is also ready to rock on at her darling grandson’s big day. Everyone is super excited and cannot wait to dance their hearts out.

I would like to invite our audience to witness the wedding of the year as this wedding has a lot of exciting twists and turns waiting for you. Manu is a sweetheart and it is only fair that his life partner shares his incredible qualities. The audience is naturally very excited to meet his wife and finally that moment has arrived. In five days, the Maurya family, and especially Manu will embark on their one-of-a-kind journey and we as a team are excited to see how our beloved audience reacts to it. Please tune in to Sony SAB and catch the never-seen-before, big, fat, Indian wedding only on Sab Satrangi.

But something just doesn’t feel right as something’s amiss. Well, our Manu believes in the philosophy that if you think and do good for everyone, nothing inauspicious will ever happen to you. Then why do the wedding bells sound so gloomy at the Maurya family? Will the wedding go as planned?