Sachin Shroff and Juhi Parmar headed for divorce

However another couple’s marriage in television town is set to fail miserably. Juhi Parmar and Sachin Shroff, who got married in February 2009, after a five-month romance, will soon petition for separate. They have a four-year-old girl Samaira.

Advises a source near the couple, “While everything was fine amid the underlying years of marriage, inconvenience began blending once again a timeframe. Contrasts crawled into their relationship, which now appear to be beyond reconciliation. Sachin was obvious by his nonappearance even at the dispatch of Juhi’s fanciful show Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s ‘Karmphal Data Shani’. They have been staying independently for right around a year. Samaira remains with Juhi, who will soon petition for separate. There is no possibility of compromise.”

Reports of their marriage hitting an unpleasant time had sprung up before in 2011, however the couple dissipated those stories by then. In any case, this new advancement of them heading for a split appears to be very sure at this point. As per sources, there is minimal possibility that the repelled couple will fix up.


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