Sara exposes Barkha’s agenda; Vanraj wishes to attend Kinjal’s baby shower in ‘Anupamaa’

Star Plus show ‘Anupamaa’ is gearing up for an interesting turn. The current track of the show revolves around Anu, Anuj and the entire Shah family all set to celebrate Kinjal’s baby shower. Vanraj and Kavya have gone out of town for work and the auspicious date fell in their absence. Bapuji is keen on doing the ritual on the auspicious date even if it means that Vanraj and Kavya have to skip attending the function. Bapuji has invited Kapadia family despite the major drama.

In the upcoming episode, Barkha lashes out at Ankush for agreeing to attend the function. Ankush tells her that he couldn’t resist Bapuji who invited them with so much love. Barkha speaks against Shah family and Anupamaa. Sara gets into the argument with Barka and tells her that she’s aware of her agenda as she planned to shift to Anuj’s house only after Ankush’s business in US went in loss.

Adhik supports Barkha. Ankush and Sara tell her that they’ll attend the baby shower. Barkha feels frustrated but Adhik tells her that it’s better that they attend the function as it will be good for them Pakhi types a message to Adhik stating she can’t wait to meet him.

Vanraj and Kavya get into a conversation about the baby shower. Vanraj expresses a feeling of a male child, husband, father and a grad father. Kavya feels sad for him and tells him that they can skip the interview and reach Shah house to celebrate the baby shower.

Rakhi, Leela and Barkha vow to not let any drama affect them on the baby shower and that they would give it back if anything like that happens. Anu fears a major drama in the function.