Shantanu Maheshwari says “I am going to miss being in Kolkata this year for Durga Puja”

Having been conceived and raised in Kolkata, Durga Puja celebrations have been a basic aspect of the entertainer and International artist Shantanu Maheshwari’s life. From pandal jumping to glutting on Bengali treats and meeting up with family members and companions while being all over town on the roads the entire night, every time of the celebration has been very significant for Shantanu.

While Shantanu likes returning home each year to Kolkata during Durga Puja to appreciate the celebration, he has not had the option to return this year because of the pandemic, so going through a world of fond memories Shantanu reviews a portion of his #1 accounts He shares, ”I will miss being in Kolkata this year for Durga Puja. Being conceived and raised there, the celebration has been a major aspect of my youth and growing up years. From broad pandal jumping, to being on the roads the entire night with companions and family members and glutting on yummy Chinese food and rolls and getting the chance to see the city all lit up at its closest to perfect, is something that I have been fortunate to encounter throughout the long term. The entire vibe and embodiment of Durga Puja is so excellent, and I feel that it really unites individuals in Kolkata around then, making the city a much more superb spot to be in!”

“The festivals may be relaxed for the current year because of the pandemic alarm, however the soul is still a lot of alive as everybody back home is as yet guaranteeing that they praise the celebration in their own little manner, propping the custom up securely, and yet guaranteeing their own wellbeing measures set up. In spite of the fact that what I feel is somewhat appalling this year is the experts who make symbols landing influenced with their positions on account of the whole circumstance nearby, which I truly trust is repaid somehow or another or the other for them.”

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