Shruti Sharma on why she hasn’t signed any TV show now

Actor Shruti Sharma’s last show Namak Issk Ka ended back in August 2021 and considering it has been almost six months since that happened, one might wonder as to why has Sharma not signed on a new project yet. She did talk about it with ETimes TV, as she said, “I have signed a film and the details will be revealed soon. That is why I am not taking up any television show right now. Moreover it is not possible to do a daily soap and a movie together. We work for almost 30 days in a month for a daily soap, shooting for 10-12 hours every day. So it’s not possible to do anything else while working on a daily soap.”

Needless to say, she is looking forward to her debut film, “The shooting will start soon and I am eagerly waiting for that,” she says. But isn’t she apprehensive about declining TV offers to focus on films, give the uncertainty in showbiz? She says, “I’m grateful and feel blessed that I am getting offers back to back. But I am not keeping anyone in the dark by not telling them about this commitment. So if someone agrees to let me juggle between two projects, I can take it up.”

Talking about a calculated risk in life, she says, “At one point in life, one has to take some amount of risk for the sake of their passion. I have taken a small leap and I hope it will be worth it.”

Interestingly, she is learning swimming, Bharatnatyam and vocal music. “All of this will help me in my future projects. I had learned Bharatnatyam for two years but then due to time issues, I couldn’t continue my practice. Now I am brushing up my skills again. I am also learning to swim and focusing on my music skills. If I manage our time properly, it’s possible to do all these things. And I am sure it will only help me in my career,” she concluded.