Shweta Tiwari surprisingly loses some kilos; opens up in a post

Actor Shweta Tiwari is nothing short of being a timeless beauty where inspite of being 40+, she continues to appear more radiant than ever. That is now accentuated all the more where Tiwari has lot quite a lot of weight.

A few pics posted by her recently saw the actor looking a lot more leaner than ever and looking in her best shape. That is in fact true where she went on to post about it recently on Instagram. She shared a thank you note about it where she wrote, “Weight Loss! Phew… Weight loss is not easy…it’s very hard!You need lot of dedication lot of self control and will power! But it is not impossible Also! Especially when you have people like @kskadakia in your life,Who make this difficult journey easy and fun! I think more than me it was her who was determined To get me back in shape.. Coordinating with my trainer, curating a diet according to my needs, likes and requirements ,following up morning to evening! I Am not a client to her I Am a mission!”-

Ever since Tiwari has posted about it, all her friends cannot stop keeping praising her and fans popped in too.