Sonali Nikam To Play The Lead in Arvind Babbal’s Show Based on Jesus Christ?

There is a scope of new showc that are going ahead air and undoubtedly there is a going on in footing of new ideas being fiddled with. There have been reports about how creator Arvind Babbal is thinking of a show that is supposedlt dependent on the life of Jesus Christ.

There were reports as of now that youngster entertainer Rudra Soni, who has been a piece of a few movies and shows will assume a negative function in the show and now more passages are being affirmed.

Entertainers Sonali Nikam and Astha Chaudhary are as far as anyone knows in converses with play the female lead in the show. Purportedly Nikam is the person who is finished despite the fact that Chaudhary has been in the running. Despite the fact that few ideas identified with religion have been handled with on-screen, a show about Jesus Christ and his life will be introduced as an every day cleanser.