Star Plus gets its first ever ‘Firangi Bahu’ from London: Jazzy Ballerini.

Star Plus has announced the launch of its upcoming show ‘Anandi Baa aur Emily’. The show has a unique and creative concept which is sure to leave the audiences wanting for more. With a talented and exotic cast of Kanchan Gupta, Mishkat Varma and none other than the versatile Jazzy Ballerini!

The dynamic of a traditional Indian family gets shaken due to the arrival of a foreign ‘Bahu’. The cast includes Kanchan Gupta in the role of ‘Anandi Baa’, Jazzy Ballerini as the exotic Bahu ‘Emily’, and Mishkat Verma in the male lead of eager ‘Aarav’.

Jazzy Ballerini aka Emily on her debut, “India for me is my home now and I’ve never been so happy. I have been blessed with a life full of incredible experiences, and now I feel even more fortunate to have been given such a wonderful opportunity by Star Plus in our upcoming show Anandi Baa aur Emily. I have had a crazy amount of support from each and every person on my set who has gone above and beyond to help me with my dialogues. I’m surrounded by wonderful, motivating people. My one such inspiration is Katrina Kaif. She showed me that anything see it here  is possible if you work hard enough and I feel my character Emily can relate to her as she will be coming to India, learning Hindi and marrying an Indian man so their stories are similar in that sense. This is my new journey which I’m so excited about.”

The show ‘Anandi Baa aur Emily’ explores these different dynamics of relationships with each family member and Emily, the foreigner Bahu. Chaos ensues at their household as Anandi Baa tries to figure out how to get rid of Emily with the help of some family members. The reality of the situation dawns on her and we will get to see the beautiful relationship go from initial hesitancy to understanding and accepting of all.

Find out what happens when your son brings home a foreigner for his wife. The story of Anandi Baa and her ‘Firangi’ bahu starts with bringing together the east and the west.

What will this new concept bring to television and how is ‘Anandi Baa’ going to accept a foreigner as her ‘Bahu’? Let’s see what happens.