Super Dancer Vaishnavi impresses Bollywood rapper Badshah, grabs a role in his next music video

The truth indicate Super Dancer is grasping everybody’s consideration and pass on the ability is flawless. Viewers as well as the Bollywood stars appear to be awestruck by the little cluster of euphoria. As of late Bollywood rapper Badshah wound up on the arrangement of Super Dancer Chapter 2. Amid his current appearance on the show, Badshah appeared to e in wonder of the young lady Vaishnavi Prajapati.

Badshah was stunned when Vaishnavi flaunted her cool moves with super master Manan on the tune ‘Dj rib babu’. Vaishnavi demonstrated her mark moves and getting that open door, Badshah quickly offered her to move in his next music video.

Vaishnavi likewise tested Badshah to experiment with her mark moves. Vaishnavi was glad to acknowledge the offer and super judges additionally saluted her for her accomplishment. The five-year old got the chance of her lifetime to work with one and just Badshah. Vaishnavi was seen super elated.