Throwback Thursday: Did you know Emraan Hashmi was in a relationship with a married woman?

Bhatt camp’s blue-looked at kid and one of the soonest serial kissers of Bollywood, Emraan Hashmi had a significant picture on screen. In any case, very few realize that Hashmi, who played a sweetheart kid to a wedded lady (Mallika Sherawat) in the 2004 film Murder, had a comparable involvement, in actuality, as well.

Before getting married with now spouse Parveen Shahani, Hashmi was involved with a hitched lady. Furthermore, the on-screen character made this disclosure amid one of his meetings in 2005. Emraan, who was then getting a charge out of the tag of Bollywood’s serial kisser, did not mince words when inquired as to whether has ever been involved with a hitched lady.

In a meeting to a site, he had stated, “Yes I had an undertaking with a wedded lady. In any case, from the beginning I didn’t know that she was hitched.”

The Murder on-screen character said that when he became acquainted with about the lady’s conjugal status, he needed to pull out, however some way or another he proved unable. “Indeed, I know it doesn’t bode well yet when in a relationship, rationale goes for a hurl. So I came without knowing where this wild trip was set out toward,” he included.

Love is visually impaired, as was Hashmi. Regardless he continued proceeding with the relationship, in spite of his “still, small voice began to hurt.”

“I asked myself a few times with reference to what’s going on with I? Had I been the spouse, I would have slaughtered the person who had attempted to stir an illicit relationship with my lady. Must let you know, every one of these considerations were disturbing me for a long while. In any case, I till continued grinding away oddly enough,” said the on-screen character.

Furthermore, it was just that the two were caught in the act that the relationship arrived at an end. The on-screen character said the lady’s significant other became acquainted with and a confrontation was inescapable. “We had even come to fisticuffs. Yet, regular companions interceded and the issue was dealt with before things took an appalling turn. So for all the adventurism that is related with a one night stand, I am not a major devotee of it any more!,” said Emraan.

In 2006, he went onto wed Parveen, and has a child with her.