It’s True, I Have Done It! Dipika Kakar PROUDLY Accepts That She Is Converted To Islam!

Sasural Simar Ka performing artists, Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim got hitched on February 22, 2018 in Shoaib’s main residence, Maudaha – a town close Kanpur, according to Shoaib’s dad’s desire. The wedding was a private issue. The couple had likewise facilitated an excellent gathering for their industry companions on February 26, 2018. Amid their wedding there were reports that Dipika has changed her name to Faiza (as wedding card had Faiza name imprinted on it) and changed over to Islam. Yet, a couple of reports denied it. Dipika On Changing Her Name To Faiza In her past meeting to TOI, Dipika had even uncovered that she had changed the name for the wedding and included that it’s an individual issue. Dipika On Converting To Islam and Changing Her Name once more, when Dipika was gotten some information about the choice of changing over to Islam and changing her name, she told TOI, “Joh sach hai woh hai… It’s actual I have done it, however why and when I have done it, don’t think it should be discussed. I think it is an exceptionally individual issue and I don’t think I have to discuss it straightforwardly before the media.” ‘It’s A Personal Matter’! “For the gathering of people and media we are performers have constantly shared everything. All our cheerful minutes we have imparted to all of you, yet this I believe is an extremely individual space and I don’t give anybody the consent to enter the space.” Dipika Proudly Accepts That She Is Converted To Islam “Certainly, it is valid and I am not denying it. I am extremely glad and pleased that I have done it for myself and my bliss. My family was with me in this choice and my goals were not to hurt anybody. This is my choice.” Dipika and Shoaib Not Bothered About Belonging To Different Religions! The couple never made a fuss over the way that they had a place with various religions. Shoaib stated, “I feel that when you are a VIP you are continually under scanner and there are individuals who cherish you, yet then there are additionally individuals who attempt to cut you down.” ‘Families’ Happiness Matters!’ “We have constantly taken choices in life just remembering our families, on the off chance that they are glad and fine at that point rest of the world doesn’t make a difference to us. I don’t see myself as a VIP, we are exceptionally basic individuals and we get a kick out of the chance to have a straightforward existence.”