Vaishnavi Macdonald turns prankster on the sets of Aye Mere Hamsafar

Entertainers need to work for long working hours with a tight timetable. Because of this, they wind up spending a significant lump of their experience with their group and individual co-entertainers. To diminish the work weariness, entertainers can be seen having some good times on the sets. As of late, we found Vaishnavi Macdonald pulling a ‘Fiery Chip’ trick on her co-stars on the arrangements of Dangal TV’s Aye Mere Humsafar.

Discussing the pleasant they had, Vaishnavi Macdonald who is trying the function of Surajmukhi stated, “I got these hot chips from Australia and when I attempted it I just couldn’t quit drinking water. It was destructive and frantic fiery. So I thought of making my kindred co-stars attempt those chips and record their response. Parvati (Sehgal) and Sandeep (Goyal) additionally went along with me for the trick. We gave it a shot Hemant (Thatte), Pooja (Singh) and Neelu Ji (Vaghela) however Pooja’s response by a wide margin was the most funny one.”

Pooja Singh who plays Divya Kothari in the show, at first, didn’t understand what they were causing her to eat. She shares, “I attempted a tiny nibble of that chip and my god, it was so fiery, I just can’t portray it. I was in a real sense hopping on my place and completed two jugs of water. For a couple of moments, I was unable to try and talk. It was a destructive encounter. You may be thinking I am misrepresenting however one needs to attempt it at exactly that point you will comprehend.”

All things considered, it is protected to state that the trick was an absolute accomplishment for Vaishnavi.