Veteran Bollywood star Jeetendra accused of sexual abuse

Veteran Bollywood on-screen character Jeetendra has been blamed for sexual mishandle by his cousin in Himachal Pradesh.

As indicated by a report by India Today, the charged occurrence occurred in 1971 when Jeetendra was 28 and the cousin was only 18.

The report says that the casualty chose to document the grievance after her folks passed away. Since as indicated by the casualty her folks would have been sorrowful to have gotten some answers concerning the sexual manhandle by their nephew, Jeetendra. Presently she needs conclusion from the psychological injury of affliction every one of these years.

Relating the episode, the casualty uncovered that Jeetendra requested that her dad’s consent take her on a film shoot and there, on the set, he allegedly sexually mishandled her.

The star and other relatives are yet to react to the allegations.

Given the associations of the Kapoor family, the casualty and her families have asked for to keep their characters mystery, says the report.