Would love if Manjiri starts standing up for herself in ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’: Ami Trivedi

Ami Trivedi’s Manjari in Rajan Shahi’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai has become a favorite with the audiences. The actor, who is happy with all the love and appreciation, shares that working on the show is a wonderful experience. She begins the conversation by talking about her bonding on the set.

“I gel well with Mahima that is Pragati Mehra. She is a darling. We sit together and talk whenever we can. We bonded pretty well since the beginning of the show. Apart from that, I actually get along with everybody. I also have a lot of fun with Paras (Neil), Neeraj (Parth Birla) and Harshad (Abhimanyu). We didn’t shoot that much with Pranali (Akshara) and others but whenever we meet it doesn’t feel like we just meet once in a week. On set vibes are very important for a show to be successful. Here in DKP (Directors Kut Production) I have seen, Rajan Ji is so approachable and our director is a sweetheart. He is so patient with everyone and pushes us to give our best. The entire team is warm and welcoming. We all get along very well and I just hope things continue like this, fingers crossed,” she says.

Ami enjoys playing Manjari, but given a chance she would want the latter to be a little more stronger.

“I sometimes feel it’s also necessary to stand up for yourselves. I want her to not live in her past which sometimes also affects her decisions regarding her son’s future. But apart from all these she’s a loving soul and mother, whose world revolves around her son. Yes, she takes a lot of decisions but at the end of the day it is just the motherly love and concern for her son,” she adds.

Ask if playing a mother on screen came easy to her and Ami says that after playing the role, she has started to identify with the emotions very closely and strongly.

“I personally enjoy doing this. When I got married, I did the emotional portraits of a married woman, so it was fun. When I was single my characters used to be the same and today, I am a mother both on and off screen, so I can identify with Manjari in a way. The pain, love, selfless sacrifices, whatever she does,” she explains.

Much like Manjari, Ami too is emotional and family-oriented. “But I’m much more stronger than Manjari and my decision making abilities are more practical than just being emotional. At the same time, my life is definitely very much different from Manjari’s, so kaafi cheeze alag bhi hai par kuch chizo main hum ek jaise hai,” she shares.

Manjari has been sporting beautiful sarees in the show and her look has been the talk of the town. “When it comes to my look on the show, I must admit getting a lot of messages on social media, it seems people are liking it. They also identify with Manjari’s character and often share their feedback on how her look and my performance. The fact that her look is simple, much like the way she is because we wanted the character to be relatable. And, yes, I love wearing sarees. It’s the most beautiful attire. Usme ek jo Indianness aati hai, warmth jo milta hai woh shayad hi kisi attire mein hain,” she adds.