‘Yeh Hai Chahatein’: Samrat’s ex-lover to return; Nayan shocked to find about Prem being Sam’s son

Star Plus show ‘Yeh Hai Chahatein’ is getting quite exciting with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around Nayan wanting to get Mohit and Ishani married as she knows that they love each other. She also learned the fact that Aaliya is not paralysed and is only acting up to pressurize Mohit.

Nayan successfully swaps the bride. Now, India Forums bring to you an interesting spoiler update from the show. In the upcoming episodes, Samrat gets shocked when he lifts the ghoonghat and realize he’s married to Nayan again! As Nayan release her anger and frustration on him, how disgusting he has been to her, a voice comes from behind and says “don’t you dare say anything bad about my ex-husband”! As Samrat turns, he’s shocked to see Mansi- his first ever love and the woman who broke his heart, standing with Prem (the kid Nayan had saved). She tells Samrat that Prem is his child and that he should take care of him. While Samrat is not serious about his own kid, Nayan somehow gets attached to the child as she connects with him for being lonely.

Later, even Samrat warms up to him eventually as he realizes he’s completely opposite to him and because he never shared a good bond with his own father, this bond melts him. However, soon she finds out that because of Revathi’s manipulation, Samrat is trying to get rid of the child by sending him away. Nayan then decides to help the child by negotiating with Samrat and asks for the child’s custody in return of divorce. As they fight the case in court, the judge grants them 6 months’ lock in period to work on their marriage as a couple as the child wants to be with both Samrat and Nayan! How will Samrat and Nayan stay married now?