‘Yeh Jaadu…’ Fame Aamir Salim Khan Bags Colors’ Namak Issk Ka

Maker Gul Khan is unquestionably on a roll where the woman has had consecutive shows coming in where regardless of whether she conveys a creation that is a fleeting one, she has another show prepared and rolling.

Known to introduce idiosyncratic yet relatable ideas, she has another show coming as Namak Issk Ka. The Colors show as of now has its promotions delivered and as consistently has a fascinating idea at play.

We definitely realize that the show will have entertainers Shruti Sharma and Aditya Ojha playing leads and there is obviously a charming supporting cast as well. Truth be told, it was likewise as of late detailed that entertainer Rajshri Rani will be a piece of the show as well.

Presently, reports recommend that entertainer Aamir Salim Khan, who is most popular to star in other Gul Khan shows like Nazar and Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka has stowed a significant part in this one as well.

Very little is referred to about his character starting at yet however given his relationship with Khan’s shows up until now, we can be sure that it will be an intriguing one.